DMP Consulting is a smart, creative, hardworking, caring, and honest. I recommend them as a quality service provider

JH,  2016


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DMP Consulting associates are a group of nationally recognized professionals with diverse backgrounds who have accumulated years of experience and expertise in the fields of park and recreation and public administration management.  We provide a variety of powerful and engaging speaker sessions and keynote for local and regional conferences, in-service training, workshops, and comprehensive business analysis  for park and recreation organizations of all sizes and budgets.  We have both the passion and expertise to provide you with services that will transform the way your organization operates and inspires your team to achieve greatness. ​

DMP Consulting, Inc has been instrumental in assembling tools and resources needed to create safer communities and volunteer programs across the nation. Their innovative ideas spotlight as an integral part of volunteer programs but also validated the role of volunteer program managers.

KC,  2015