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D. Michael Pfahl
Director of several P&R agencies for 19 years, and the started the firm DMP Consulting Inc. to broaden his commitment to effective public service. He is also the founder of Operation TLC² Making Communities Safe,
​​Sandra Swanson Dean
Founder of The Communication Advantage and Professor of Business Communication for Jacksonville University.
Cindy Burkhour
Owner of Access Recreation Group, a company that specializes in inclusive recreation consultation and the
implementation of grants and projects. Cindy has trained nationally and internationally, and has received prestigious local, state, and national awards
Lisa Paradis
Director in Brookline, MA, she is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and organizational analyst. Lisa has been a featured guest on NPR, and has published several articles. She was named the Massachusetts Professional of the Year in 2017. 

​Dynamic Associates

Arnie Biondo
Executive Director of the Centerville-Washington Park District in Ohio. For 18 years, he led the Carol Stream Park District, Illinois, a two-time National Gold Medal agency. 
Steve Madewell

Retired as the Executive Director, of Metroparks of the Toledo Area.  Named the 2016 Ohio Parks and Recreation Association “Professional of the Year”, and the recipient of the 2017 Great Lakes Park Training Institute Richard Lawson Award, Steve has enjoyed a remarkable and successful career in the field of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation.  

Rob Strickland
Former linebacker for the New York Jets and The author of Know the Basics to Protect Your Business and the President of Strickland Security & Safety Solutions, 
Carrie Fullerton
Executive Director of the Bloomington, IL Park District, with over 25 years of experience. She is a nationally revered speaker and frequently published author.
Jesse Myott

Jesse is the Resource Manager for Brookline, MA, providing support and guidance in the areas of budget, performance analytics and operations. Prior to this, he served as a management analyst for the City of Daly City, CA, where created and managed operating and capital improvement budgets, and grants, He served as a financial analyst for the City of South San Francisco, CA, and as a senior financial analyst for at a multinational management consulting firm. Jesse holds BA from the University of Rhode Island and a MA form San Francisco State University.

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Ronnie Glotzbach

​Ronnie Glotzbach is Managing Director, EdTrek, Inc. Journeys in Learning and the founder of Bach Training and Development Corp.  Government supervisory and management training has been Ronnie's primary focus for the past 16 years.  

DMP Consultants are professionals who know what it takes to thrive in the public sector.  Founded by a former Executive Director in the Park and Recreation world, DMP Consulting has been instrumental in helping organizations create and maintain flourishing environments where staff and community are engaged and committed to success.  Many of the associates have been professionals in the public sector, known for their innovative approaches to management and leadership.  DMP understands what it takes to make your organization the best it can be and is committed to helping your team achieve their goals.