​​​Performance Management in Public Parks and Recreation Agencies - Using Outcome Driven Models to Tell Your Story

Your agency has done some fabulous things in your community, but it seems that the administration is clueless. Performance measurement is about using a data driven model to identify your agency's progress, success, and challenges in a simple, but meaningful way. What story do you want to tell about your success? What is important for the community to know? This workshop will be a hands-on facilitated session that will engage your staff in creating a set of measurements for your agency that will ultimately become your "Dashboard."

Primary Take Away

 Learn how to create a set of measurements that are designed for maximum impact and answer the question, "How do we know success when we see it?"
Length of Session - 1.5 Hours

Program Customization

Everyday Leadership

Do you believe that success is a choice? This workshop is designed for those who are interested in learning more about nontraditional leadership roles. The theories of Warren Bennis and John Naisbitt will be explored. Workplace survival skills will be discussed and action plans put into place. Through group discussion, individual exercises, and role‐plays, the participants will gain a working knowledge of what it takes to be a successful everyday leader.

Primary Take Away 

Participants will identify key characteristics of successful leaders; learn five critical practices of leaders, develop effective teaming skills, demonstrate an understanding of self‐esteem, discuss why visions are important and how they differ from missions, goals, and objectives, write a professional vision and understand the importance of leading by example.
Length of Session - 3½ hours

into action

Not sure if our existing offerings are the perfect solution for your group?  Conference sessions, workshops, and staff training can be  tailored to your team’s specific needs.  We offer program customization designed to address your organizations’s challenges, budget, and schedule. 

DMP associates are experienced and seasoned professionals prepared to share their expertise with the supervisory and support staff of public, private, and non-profit entities delivering fresh perspectives on cost reduction, revenue enhancement, improved staff effectiveness, and much more.


Staff Retreat Facilitation

Set a date, bring staff together, and in 6 hours have the core of your next 1-2 year Action Plan identified and prioritized by those who have the most skin in the game.

The Staff Retreat is customized to meet the specific goals and intentions of the administration. Facilitation is centered on the Nominal Group Process Technique with a modified SWOT Analysis resulting in “prioritized” staff input and direction on current and future programs, services, and improved delivery systems.

The Staff Retreat Agenda identifies the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that define the agency. Perform a thorough review the current mission statement. Apply the acquired information to answer a series of structural and operational questions, specific to the development of a 1-2 year plan of action that sets the tone for maximum productivity, responsiveness, flexibility, innovation, and efficiency.